About Author Tim Gieseke

Tim Gieseke's career has followed a diverse path related to economic and ecological issues from the time he grew up on his parent’s dairy farm, through various occupations and education, and he completed that circle as he wrote EcoCommerce 101: Adding an ecological dimension to the economy as he and his family now reside on and manage the farm.  

Tim received his Master's of Science degree at Minnesota State University - Mankato in Environmental Sciences with emphasis on biology, chemistry and water quality. He applied his academic experience as conservation district field technician learning the fundamentals of urban and rural resource conservation. As the District's executive director and a national board member, Gieseke was introduced to local, state and federal conservation policy issues.

Gieseke also accumulated a range of community leadership experience participating in local water resource associations, as an advisor and member of city and county planning boards and as an elected city council member. His professional leadership experience includes serving as president of the state’s conservation employee association and as a national board member for the National Conservation District Employees Association. He was awarded the North Central Region NACD Conservation District Employee Award in 2004. As a policy specialist for the non-profit Minnesota Project, Gieseke participated with state and federal efforts related to farm policy, water quality and other resources and served as a member of the Governor’s Minnesota Climate Change Advisory Group on the Ag, Forestry and Waste technical work group.

In 2007, Gieseke founded Ag Resource Strategies, LLC, a business that developed an AgEQA™ framework that expands the governance of resource management through an on-farm environmental quality assurance process.

Tim has participated in numerous state efforts that included the state’s Impaired Waters Stakeholders Group, NRCS State Technical Committee, advisor to the Board of Water & Soil Resources and the Environmental Quality Board Water Resources Committee and a member of the Minnesota Climate Change Advisory Group serving on the Ag, Forestry and Waste technical work group.

He currently serves on the Solutions for the Land Dialogue, a national effort to unify agriculture, forestry and ecosystem service objectives. He released, EcoCommerce 101: Adding an ecological dimension to the economy, a book that describes in concept and detail how the agro-ecological system and the agro-economic system can be integrated in February 2011.

Contact Tim at tgieseke@agresourcestragies.com